Tech Giants Under Attack From Conservatives for Online Censorship

Tech Giants Under Attack From Conservatives for Online Censorship

( – New evidence of Joe and Hunter Biden’s inappropriate dealings with Ukrainian government officials gave us the biggest news item on Wednesday, October 14. However, soon after the New York Post published the report, Facebook and Twitter both moved to restrict links that led to it. Twitter also temporarily shut down the newspaper’s Twitter account.

Facebook defended its actions, claiming it wants to restrict the story’s reach while its analysts verify the relevant facts. However, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey admitted his company’s handling of the matter was “unacceptable.”

There has been an outpouring of rage about this apparent censorship from Conservative commentators (as well as political neutrals). Senate Republicans have announced their intention to subpoena Big Tech CEOs to question them on their restriction of this material.

It’s only natural to want to carry out proper fact-checking when a news item like this breaks. However, the unprecedented nature of these restrictions makes it obvious this was not the goal here.

The actions of Twitter and Facebook were an outrageous display of political partiality. They also serve as a warning about where American democracy is headed if tech companies retain their current level of influence.

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