Tea Party Plans Patriot Rallies to Promote Freedom

Tea Party Plans Patriot Rallies to Promote Freedom

(RepublicanReport.org) – The Tea Party Patriots is a conservative political action group. It focuses on libertarian ideals as they apply to various parts of life in America. For example, the group would like to see more economic freedom in reduced taxes and government intervention. Lately, however, it’s been focusing more on personal freedoms; specifically, those liberties governments are limiting in their effort to curtail COVID-19.

The Tea Party Patriots have organized a series of protests across America in an attempt to fight back against the Biden administration’s mandates concerning masks and vaccine passports. The “Just Say No” campaign will see over 60 rallies take place across the country.

The group is targeting what it calls “government tyranny” and “medical segregation.” It has pointed out that the Nuremberg Code forbids enforced vaccination, claiming recent measures and proposals from the federal government threaten to meet the standard of voluntary consent.

The group is not against vaccination but measures that discriminate against the unvaccinated or make people feel they have no choice but to receive inoculations.

The number of Americans vaccinated against COVID-19 for the first time continues to rise as the deadly Delta variant spreads. However, many people are still choosing to forgo inoculation. As long as that situation persists, Americans can expect to see strong pushback against pandemic-related government mandates.

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