Supreme Court Election Might Be the Most Important Yet

Supreme Court Election Might Be the Most Important Yet

( – Republicans and Democrats each have their strongholds and weak points. While several states have become “solid red” or “solid blue,” Wisconsin has been more of a purple state, a crucial swing state in many elections. For the first time in 15 years, the two parties face a possible ideological swap on the state Supreme Court, which could ultimately lead to a change in the state’s political trajectory.

An upcoming election will determine who sits on the state’s Supreme Court next and could decide the state’s political fate. While these races are designed to be non-partisan, that’s not how they end up. Republicans are putting their hope in Daniel Kelly, a former state Supreme Court Justice while Democrats are rooting for Janet Protasiewicz, a Milwaukee County Judge.

The race comes at an especially crucial time for the Badger State as its abortion ban, which has been in effect since before the Civil War, faces mounting legal challenges. If Protasiewicz wins, Democrats will have the chance to change the state’s abortion policies. However, there is much more at stake.

The Left hasn’t controlled Wisconsin’s Supreme Court since 2008. During all that time, Republicans have been able to have their way to an extent. If the Democratic favorite wins, it’s likely the state’s high court will hear legal challenges to the conservative-drawn redistricting map that has helped the Right deliver itself wins for well over a decade.

The bottom line is Republicans have a lot to lose in the upcoming election while Democrats, on the other hand, have a lot to gain should they win. The Right faces potentially losing a decade’s worth of work. While it’s not uncommon to hear that a certain election is the most important one, this one might actually top the charts. On April 4, voters will determine what direction Wisconsin’s Supreme Court goes.

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