Supreme Court Denies Request to Expedite Election Lawsuits

Supreme Court Refuses to Expedite Election Challenges

( – Despite the overwhelming silence on the topic on mainstream media channels, there are still a number of election challenges outstanding in the courts. Several of these are set to be considered by the US Supreme Court.

However, it now looks unlikely that these suits will be heard before Joe Biden’s scheduled inauguration. On Monday, January 11, the Supreme Court communicated its rejection of an application from Donald Trump’s legal team to expedite a number of electoral fraud cases.

This is a blow to Conservatives, as many had hoped to see these cases run their course in time to reverse the reported election result. Analysts have warned it’ll be more difficult to have Trump reinstalled in office once the swearing-in of Joe Biden takes place.

Despite the insistence by most Liberals that claims of election fraud are “baseless,” the Supreme Court will get the opportunity to decide on their validity itself. Unfortunately, that day looks unlikely to arrive for at least a few weeks.

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