Sununu Predicts Biden Won’t Be The Democratic Nominee

( – New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu (R) predicts one of two outcomes for the Democratic primaries, and neither places President Joe Biden as the Left’s final pick. The commander-in-chief remains the current frontrunner despite an approval rating that teeters at a mere 40%, according to FiveThirtyEight’s latest polls, but Sununu feels strongly that the Dems’ primary favorite will change ahead of the final ballot.

Calling the Odds

Sununu made his prediction during an August 8 interview with Fox News’ Sandra Smith, during which he put Biden’s odds of seeing his name on the next presidential ballot at lower than 50%. He acknowledged that the current president might even win his party’s nomination, but that still might not be enough to get him back in office.

Two Possible Outcomes

The first possible outcome Sununu predicted had Biden continuing through the primaries without any official challengers, only to concede to his delegates at the last minute that his health was too poor for him to continue. In such a case, according to Sununu, the Democratic pick might advise delegates as to who they should choose to replace him. The move would allow him to back out while still keeping some control over the direction his party went. The New Hampshire governor claimed the Left manipulated the system similarly in the past.

The other possibility Sununu foretold was that a wealthy businessman or some other surprising prospect might swoop in at the final hour with enough money to derail Biden despite the late bid. He stressed that this person might not even be a politician, although he thought one or two last-minute candidates might emerge from Congress. Whoever the individual was, Sununu felt the rival would be self-funded.

Sununu’s Own Political Future

POLITICO shared in July that Sununu had no plans to run for another term, stating that he wanted to step aside and allow “another great Republican” to take the lead. With the current senator leaving the seat open, the GOP primary race to take his place may end up between former Republican state Senate President Chuck Morse and former New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte.

Sununu had reportedly considered making his own bid for the 2024 presidency, but he stated that he didn’t want to dilute the pool against Trump any further than the multiple competing candidates already have. The New Hampshire governor feels that an election between the former and current presidents would ultimately leave Biden the final victor.

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