Stunning Number of Republicans Don’t Think Election Was Fair

Stunning Number of Republicans Don't Think Election Was Fair

( – While the presidential election was over a week ago, its outcome remains in dispute across the country. Major media outlets have declared the race a victory for Joe Biden, but many Republicans feel it was improperly conducted. There will likely be at least one court case before we know the true outcome of the vote.

On Monday, November 9, we saw statistics that illustrate just how unhappy Conservative voters are with the election’s outcome. Politico and Morning Consult polled a representative sample of both Democrat and Republican voters about their views on the process. Of those surveyed, a startling 70% of Republicans do not think the election was “free and fair.”

The poll also told us that, of those Republicans who did not have faith in this year’s election, 72% believed there had been ballot tampering and 78% of this group thought mail-in voting had allowed for voter fraud.

While the figures in this study are eye-catching, they’re not surprising to those who have been paying close attention to the news lately. There were clearly issues with mail-in voting and various other systems that were in play. It’s becoming increasingly obvious litigation will be required to get to the bottom of it all.

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