Students Forced To Move Due To Migrant Overflowing

( – In mid-August, New York City Mayor Eric Adams released an announcement, stating the city had welcomed over 101,200 migrants since just last year. He said officials were “working around the clock” to accommodate the influx of people, but it was a struggle. Adams referred to the ongoing event as a crisis, and now it’s affecting the schools.

On September 7, classes were back in session in New York City, but some schools were having capacity problems due to the addition of migrant students. The New York Post reported there were 21,000 minors seeking asylum enrolled in classes this year, and the city failed to work out where it would put everyone before school began. Problems arose at the Newcomers High School in Long Island City, which had a long line just to get inside.

Once the building reached the maximum number of students allowed, teachers had to redirect the overflow to a different school in the same building. One instructor expressed their frustration to The Post, stating the school should’ve had all the problems resolved before the kids arrived for classes. Apparently, it was up to the teachers to get additional supplies and address any language barriers in the classroom.

That said, the children appeared eager to start the year, with many of the migrant children and their parents sharing back-to-school excitement with the news outlet. Other migrant students were overwhelmed and frustrated by the lack of planning and general confusion. Their parents blamed the Department of Education for the chaos.

The Associated Press reported that Education Chancellor David Banks spoke at a ceremony on the first day of school in the Bronx. He said the schools were “welcoming all [the] new migrant students…with open arms.” He vowed to provide every child with the tools necessary to succeed, regardless of the political strife happening outside the classroom.

Do you think there’s a solution to address the overflow of kids in New York City schools?

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