States Consider Rolling Back Voting Rules Amid Election Distrust

States Consider Rolling Back Voting Rules Amid Election Distrust

( – There has been much discussion about the possibility of electoral fraud in last year’s presidential race. A survey conducted by Northeastern, Rutgers, Harvard, and Northwestern showed that over 30% of American voters aren’t sure Joe Biden won fairly. Now, several states are considering revamping their voting systems.

On Monday, March 1, ‘Just the News’ released a report detailing the various attempts different states are making in this regard. Because of COVID-19, many states relaxed requirements in relation to absentee or mail-in voting. While this contributed to a record voter turnout, some commentators feel it opened the door for fraud. State representatives are pushing to have these measures reversed.

Among the states considering changes are Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania, three key swing states in 2020. In Georgia, for example, the state Senate has passed a bill that would require photocopies of identification to be sent with absentee ballot applications.

If rule changes like these contribute to a greater level of public trust in our election systems, they’re surely to be welcomed.

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