Special Agents Step Up After Possible Election Rigging (REPORT)

Special Agents Step Up After Possible Election Rigging

(RepublicanReport.com) – A US Postal Service whistleblower has come forward to share details of ballot fraud at his place of work. On Thursday, November 5, the anonymous party told Project Veritas he had been instructed to back-date mail-in ballots that came through his post office. This report comes from Traverse City, Michigan, a crucial swing state in the election.

Ballots that were still in the post office on November 4, for any reason, would have been invalid due to missing the cut-off. Because mail-in votes across the country were predominantly cast for Joe Biden, it is reasonable to suspect liberal bias was the reason for this directive. When Project Veritas called the whistleblower’s supervisor to comment on this matter, he quickly hung up the phone.

After the initial publication of this story, a Special Agent with the USPS’s Office of the Inspector General contacted Project Veritas to confirm they were considering investigating the matter.

While figures on the left will continue to dismiss reports like these as conspiracies, the courts will not. The number of stories about mismanagement of ballots, as well as outright voter fraud, continues to climb. If solid evidence of such wrongdoing emerges, this election may have to be decided in front of a judge and jury.

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