South Dakota Lawmakers Take Action Against Biden

South Dakota Lawmakers Fight Back Against Joe Biden Orders

( – Joe Biden’s flurry of executive orders is beginning to cause a stir. Our new president has signed 29 of them in the last three weeks alone. Of course, most of Biden’s have simply been aimed to undo Trump policies.

Some state authorities are unsure about his approach. On Monday, February 1, a Republican member of the South Dakota House of Representatives introduced a bill that seeks to give the state Attorney General the power to review certain presidential executive orders.

The bill stipulates the Attorney General could make South Dakota exempt from any order they deem unconstitutional or that restricts a person’s rights if the rule relates to:

  • A pandemic or similar emergency
  • Natural resources
  • The agricultural industry
  • The use of land
  • The regulation of the financial sector through the enforcement of “environmental, social, or governance standards”
  • The right to bear arms

The representative who introduced the legislation, Aaron Aylward (R), has said this is not just because of Joe Biden, but an “overall executive overreach issue.” However, this new bill could apply heavily during Biden’s presidency due to his over-reliance on executive actions so far.

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