Sean Hannity Condemns Democrats for Rejecting Due Process

Sean Hannity Condemns Democrats for Rejecting Due Process

( – Since the shooting of Daunte Wright during a police stop in the Minneapolis area on April 11, liberal politicians have, predictably, used the incident as a springboard to discussions about radical policy changes. For example, during a press conference this week, the mayor of Brooklyn Center (where the shooting took place) suggested disarming police officers in some situations.

During Fox News on Tuesday, April 13, Sean Hannity gave viewers an even-handed discussion of what took place. He stressed that what happened to Wright was a tragedy that should be thoroughly investigated. Hannity even offered a rare item of praise to Joe Biden, commending the president’s call for a “full-blown investigation” into the shooting.

However, Hannity blasted the Democrats who were using Wright’s death as an opportunity to score “cheap political points.” He claimed they were trying to “politicize” this event and rejecting due process in order to further their goal of defunding the police.

As Hannity said, it’s impossible to overstate “how extraordinarily dangerous and difficult” it is to be a police officer. Those attacking the institution of law enforcement at this time need to reflect more carefully on their rhetoric in consideration of all those who protect and serve daily.

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