School BLM Movement Teaches Kids to Choose Gender

School BLM Movement Teaches Kids to Choose Gender

( – Traditional social values are now considered outdated by many of our lawmakers. Increasingly, those in charge of policy are choosing to espouse questionable liberal ideas, rather than the principles that have supported American families for centuries. This is most obvious in discussions around gender.

The Gender Debate

Modern liberals now consider it improper to teach children about gender in terms of biological sex. They would prefer young people to think about it as existing on a spectrum, and to understand it as a matter of choice.

An example of this hit the headlines in Seattle earlier this week. On Wednesday, February 3, it emerged that public K-5 schools in the area are teaching kindergarten students that they should be able to pick their gender. Despite the fact that the children on the receiving end of these lessons are as young as 5 years old, they’re informed that “our binary notions of gender” are problematic. According to this narrative, children should listen “to their own heart and mind” when it comes to gender, regardless of what their parents or doctors tell them.

Dissolving the Nuclear Family and Combating the “Heteropatriarchal” Structure

The lessons didn’t stop at gender. Children were also taught about the perceived shortcomings of the nuclear family and the “hetero-patriarchal society.”

This is all part of an initiative called “Black Lives Matter at School.” This movement promotes “racial justice in education,” but it’s not clear why this goal requires kindergarteners to undergo instruction on gender, sexuality, or the family unit.

Gender dysphoria is undoubtedly a real phenomenon. There are people who identify with a gender that does not correspond to their biological sex, and they face difficulties that are unimaginable to heterosexual, cisgender people. However, this is not something children of five need to be taught about, especially without their parents’ consent.

Of course, this kind of reasonable analysis will hold little water for the radicals behind this particular debacle. The fact these lessons formed part of the “Black Lives Matter at School” movement shows the ideological motivation behind them.

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