Saudi Crown Prince Wants To Hold Two G20 Summits Per Year

Saudi Crown Prince Wants To Hold Two G20 Summits Per Year

( – Saudi Arabia has held the G20 presidency since December 2019. The intervening year has posed greater challenges for global superpowers than any since the inception of the group in 1999.

However, this hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm of the Middle Eastern nation for the organization. On Sunday, November 22, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman addressed the G20 Leaders’ Summit virtually. During his speech, he proposed there should be biannual summits going forward; one virtual meeting halfway through the year, and a physical summit at year-end. He also remarked on the renewed importance of international cooperation in the context of the pandemic.

Other world leaders are likely to treat the prince’s statements with skepticism. The current Saudi Arabian regime has committed a number of humanitarian crimes, most notably the execution of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2019.

Saudi Arabia’s stated dedication to international cooperation is, on its face, a good thing. However, if the country’s leaders don’t take steps to amend the human rights abuses within their borders, such commitments are essentially worthless.

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