Sarah Sanders Says America Has a “Choice” To Make

Sarah Sanders Says America Has a

( – President Biden recently gave his State of the Union (SOTU) speech. Following his remarks, the new Governor of Arkansas, Sarah Sanders, delivered the GOP’s response. The Republican made it clear that Americans need to make a choice.

Speaking from the governor’s mansion in Little Rock, Arkansas, the overall message Sanders was sending is that she didn’t believe a word Biden said. At the beginning of her remarks, she explained that she’s learned a lot from being a mother of three, and one of those lessons is not to believe everything she hears.

The governor said the Biden administration has failed the American people regarding several issues in America, naming the Southern Border, inflation, and rising crime as a few examples and noted it was “time for a change.”

Sanders claimed that Democrats were attempting to rule the American people through government control, saying it goes against what the US stands for as the “greatest country in the world.’ The governor explained America got this way by being the freest nation the world has ever known.

Sanders, who also served as a spokeswoman for the Trump administration, mentioned she is the first woman to lead the state of Arkansas, adding that Biden was the first president to surrender to the “woke mob.” The Republican then claimed America was no longer defined by the battle between the Left and the Right, and the choice people in the US now have is between normalcy and insanity.

During his remarks, the president proposed his “billionaire tax,” which Sanders claimed only hurt Americans. The governor explained that while the White House increases taxes and wastes the money of US families, those people struggle with day-to-day life as they pay for high fuel prices and deal with food shortages, all while the country’s youth are taught to hate each other due to race.

At one point during her remarks, Sanders declared Biden wasn’t fit to be president, detailing how his weakness places America in danger. She said Biden has failed to protect US skies, the border, and the American people.

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