Russia Wants NATO to Stay out of Eastern Europe and Ukraine

Russia Wants NATO to Stay out of Eastern Europe and Ukraine

( – Russia has recently been causing concern for leaders worldwide with its hostile actions toward neighboring Ukraine. The Kremlin has directed a significant percentage of its military resources to occupy the area near the Ukrainian border. While Russian leaders insist they don’t intend to invade Ukraine, diplomats and analysts worldwide aren’t so sure. So now, Russia is engaging in diplomatic efforts with NATO and making demands of the international group.

On Friday, December 17, Russia indicated it wanted NATO to guarantee that it would cease any military operations in Eastern Europe and Ukraine. This request was just one of a series of demands Russia made of Western powers. The Kremlin insists on getting what it wants before it considers reducing tensions with Ukraine.

Another condition Russia specified is for Ukraine to be prevented from joining NATO in the future. The Kremlin also wants international military forces to leave some Eastern European countries, including Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

The US says it will engage in talks with Russia, but some elements of what it wants are unacceptable.

So, where do we go from here? Should Western leaders accede to Moscow’s demands in hopes of avoiding conflict in the region, or would doing so set a dangerous precedent by giving into Russia’s demands?

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