Russia Clashes With Twitter Over Banned Content

Russia Clashes With Twitter Over Banned Content

( – Tensions between governments and tech corporations are starting to simmer across the world. Australia recently made headlines by proposing legislation that would force online platforms to pay for news content, leading Facebook to temporarily remove all such content in the country from its platform.

Now, it looks like it’s Russia’s turn to have a falling out with a tech giant. On Wednesday, March 10, Russian media watchdog Roskomnadzor announced its intention to slow down the speed of Twitter on all mobile devices and half of all desktop devices. This is allegedly in response to the company’s failure to remove content that does not comply with Russian law, including posts related to pornography, drug use and suicide.

The response also comes amid increased strain on the relationship between Russia and Big Tech. This month, Russian authorities announced their intention to sue five social media companies, including Twitter, for allegedly allowing posts from protesters in favor of revolutionary opposition figure Alexei Navalny to remain on their platforms.

While American commentators have denounced Big Tech for its negative impact on democracy in America, it appears it may be having exactly the opposite effect elsewhere.

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