Rush Limbaugh Praises GOP Senator

Rush Limbaugh Praises GOP Senator
Photo Source: Official White House Flickr Account

( – The 2020 presidential race remains the subject of much debate and uncertainty, but that hasn’t stopped some commentators from looking forward to 2024. There have been many whispers about who might run for the White House in four years, as well as who might win it.

This idea was likely in the back of Rush Limbaugh’s mind as he took to the airwaves to sing the praises of Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) on Tuesday, November 17. The young Senate Republican caught Limbaugh’s attention this week after he grilled Big Tech CEOs Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey in Congress. The pair had to answer questions about their roles in censoring the New York Post story about Hunter Biden’s activities in Ukraine. Hawley also pressed Zuckerberg about the ways in which his platform tracks user activity.

It’s a long way from our next election. However, it’s never too early to start looking at potential winners. If Hawley continues to pursue the national interest as fiercely as he did in the Senate this week, he deserves to have his name in the discussion.

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