Ron DeSantis Unveils Discounts for Some Florida Drivers

Ron DeSantis Unveils Discounts for Some Florida Drivers

Ron DeSantis Unveils GENIUS Plan For Drivers – This Is Huge!

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) has endeared himself hugely to his voter base with his opposition to Leftist policies. Now, he’s introducing a new financial break for road users in his state.

On Thursday, August 25, the governor announced the establishment of SunPass Savings, a scheme that will see Florida residents who use toll roads receive discounts starting next month for a period of six months. Drivers who have 40 or more paid transactions on their Sunpass accounts in a given month will receive a 20% credit on their balance. This increases to 25% for those who have 80 or more monthly paid transactions.

DeSantis said this idea came about because he wanted to use his state’s large budget surplus to make life easier for road users. He added this was just one among a number of relief programs he intended to announce over the coming months.

There were positive responses to the announcement from members of the public. One attendee quoted by the Epoch Times stated it would make life a lot easier for her as she commutes around 2,000 miles each month for work, often using toll roads to save time. She stressed that the current situation regarding price increases makes this program even more important.

What do you think of the new Florida program? Would you support similar programs throughout the US?

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