Ron DeSantis Supports Clarence Thomas Amid Controversy

Ron DeSantis Supports Clarence Thomas Amid Controversy

( – Not for the first time in recent years, the US Supreme Court is at the center of a high-profile political firestorm. Liberals are calling for the impeachment of Justice Clarence Thomas amid allegations of inappropriate communications between his wife and the Trump administration. However, one high-profile conservative leader is having none of it.

On Tuesday, March 29, Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis offered a brief defense of the beleaguered judge as he exited a press conference. A reporter appeared to ask DeSantis what his take was on the controversy. DeSantis responded simply that Clarence Thomas was “the greatest” surviving Supreme Court judge and “one of the greatest public servants” in the country.

You can see DeSantis’ response for yourself in the video below.

The controversy affecting Thomas surrounds correspondence between his wife, Ginni Thomas, and Trump administration Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. Leaked text messages between the two show Ginni Thomas allegedly asked Meadows to help overturn the 2020 election over two years ago.

If Congress does decide to impeach Clarence Thomas, he would become the second SCOTUS judge in history to meet that fate. The House of Representatives impeached Justice Samuel Chase in 1805, but the Senate acquitted him.

Do you think Clarence Thomas’ impeachment would be a good move for the United States?

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