Ron DeSantis Issues Order To Address Prison Staffing Shortages

Ron DeSantis Reportedly Deploying National Guard to Prisons

EXECUTIVE ORDER Issued – DeSantis Activates National Guard!

( – Labor shortages have impacted a number of major organizations and industries in the United States. The prison service among them. For instance, back in 2021, a report from The Associated Press highlighted the issue of federal prison staff shortages, noting that the Justice Department only had about 13,762 of the 20,446 officers it planned for in its budget last year. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) has just come up with a new solution to a similar problem in his state.

On Friday, September 9, the governor’s office issued a memo about a new executive order that will see a voluntary Florida National Guard deployment to prisons to address staffing shortfalls. The statement highlighted that the governor had already authorized significant pay increases for workers in the area in an effort to improve conditions. Officials hope this latest move will see fewer corrections officers working long overtime hours and increase job satisfaction in the immediate term.

According to a report from WPTV, Florida Department of Corrections Chief Financial Officer Mark Tallent said officials working in understaffed conditions spend too much time on the job and too little with their families. He claimed this measure should go some way toward addressing the imbalance.

The National Guard personnel will not be expected to directly supervise inmates. Instead, they will do support work on a temporary basis while officials have time to hire more permanent staff.

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