Ron DeSantis: “His Whole Family Moved to Florida”

Ron DeSantis:

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) is officially in the running to try and land the GOP spot on the 2024 presidential ballot. Former President Donald Trump, who is also running for the White House, is leaving nothing behind as he hurls insults and critiques at his competition. The 45th president, on top of using various demeaning nicknames for the southern Republican, has been attacking his stance on Social Security, Medicare, and even how he handled the events of 2020. While DeSantis often does not fight back against these jabs, he recently did while campaigning in Iowa, and his rebuttal provided quite a few laughs.

DeSantis Speaks with Reporters on the Campaign Trail in Iowa

DeSantis purposefully did not mention Trump by name to likely voters during any of his four stops in Iowa recently, but he did decide to drop it when speaking with reporters one day in Clive, an outskirt of Des Moines. When asked if he would respond to the former president’s ongoing attacks against him, the sitting governor replied that he would. This is a clear contrast from the past few months when he remained largely quiet about the attacks. However, at that point, he was also not in the presidential race.

DeSantis noted that just a few months ago, Trump would not attack Florida and praise California. However, he has since done so after DeSantis posed himself as a real competitor for the GOP nomination. DeSantis said that Trump “used to say how great Florida was” and even pointed out that “his whole family moved to Florida under my governorship!”

The Florida leader made a very good point highlighting that Trump moved his family and businesses to his state in 2019 because New York, its leaders, and its taxes were treating him poorly.

DeSantis Focuses Attacks on Biden and Urges Trump To Do the Same

DeSantis told listeners that Trump seems to be giving President Joe Biden “a free pass” by spending all his time attacking him rather than the Democratic POTUS. He emphasized he would keep the focus of his campaign on pointing out Biden’s faults, and he wishes Trump would do the same.

While DeSantis and Trump are both strong conservative presidential candidates, they have two different bases. Will Trump’s continued digs at his competition slowly hurt his campaign and cause him to lose votes in the end, or do they actually rally more votes?

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