Ron DeSantis Donors Don’t Want To Put Their Names Out There

Ron DeSantis Donors Don't Want To Put Their Names Out There

( – While California and Florida are both known for their sunshine and beaches, the two states could not be more different when it comes to how they are governed. Their leaders, Governor Ron DeSantis (R) and Governor Gavin Newsom (D) have also sparred recently, critiquing the other’s governing style and actions. Now, as DeSantis ramps up his presidential campaign, he is in California to try and rally donors. However, it seems they are not ready to put their name behind the candidate yet.

On Saturday, June 17, the California Globe revealed that DeSantis’ fundraiser on Monday, June 19 in Sacramento would be hosted at the Del Paso Country Club by Steve Eggert, a prominent GOP donor who founded the real estate business Anton Dev Co. This announcement strays from the norm, as fundraisers are typically held at the home of the host, usually alongside a myriad of other high-profile names. This particular fundraiser is a roundtable breakfast that costs $3,300 a head to attend.

One donor told the Globe that either the DeSantis campaign or the Eggerts “asked everyone to put their name to this and no one would.” Donors may be shying away from putting their name alongside DeSantis’ for fear he may lose the Republican nomination to former President Donald Trump. If the 45th president gets the nomination, he may be displeased with donors that did not support him during his campaign.

These donors may have cause for concern. According to a poll conducted by The Harris Poll and the Center for American Political Studies at Harvard University on June 14 and 15 with 2090 registered voters, 64% of GOP voters would choose Trump while only 14% would want DeSantis to be the nominee. This poll appears to show decreasing support for the Florida Governor’s presidential bid. Does he no longer have the star power for this campaign and the popularity to compete in a national arena?

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