Ron DeSantis Does Better in Swing States Than Trump

Ron DeSantis Does Better in Swing States Than Trump

( – In the GOP race to snag the party’s primary ticket spot, former President Donald Trump and current Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are the clear frontrunners. While many national polls have shown the 45th president repeatedly beating out his opponent, new surveys by Public Opinion Strategies show that DeSantis has a higher likelihood of beating President Joe Biden in at least three swing states.

From June 17-19, Public Opinion Strategies polled 500 likely voters in various states about political issues and the upcoming election. Each survey has a margin of error of 4.38%. In the Georgia poll, 48% of the 500 voters said they would definitely or probably vote for DeSantis if the election were held today, while 45% said they would choose Biden. To compare, when the survey matched up Trump vs. Biden, voters only gave the Republican candidate 44% while Biden received 47%. If this trend holds true, then the Florida governor would have a better chance of beating the sitting POTUS than Trump would in Georgia.

In 2020, Georgia’s 16 electoral votes went to Biden, who got 49.5% of the state, compared to Trump’s 49.3% despite the former president’s numerous fraud claims. In 2016, Trump beat Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton by over 5%.

The survey showed similar results in Pennsylvania and Arizona, also swing states that can easily sway an election. DeSantis acquired 46% of the pollees votes in the Arizona poll while Biden got 40% in the matchup. However, Trump only got 41% of the vote when paired up with Biden, who received 44% in this scenario. In 2020, Arizona’s 11 electoral votes went to Biden, who won 49.4% of the state. Trump received just under that with 49.1%. However, in 2016, Trump won the state against Clinton in a 48.7% to 45.1% matchup.

While this was a small survey with a decent margin of error, it certainly shows a trend that could be forming in swing states and potentially gather momentum for other states, too.

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