Rock Guitarist Found Dead — Now Police Say He Was Murdered

Rock Guitarist Found Dead --- Now Police Say He Was Murdered

Musician DEAD – Police Say It Looks Like Murder

( – Teenage Head was a punk rock band from Hamilton, Ontario, that reached its heyday in the early 1980s, winning international recognition with hit songs including “Let’s Shake,” “Everybody Needs Somebody,” and “Blood Boogie.” The outfit’s lead guitarist, 65-year-old Gord Lewis, was found dead in his residence in Ontario last weekend. Now, it appears police are investigating Lewis’s case as a murder, and they say his son was likely involved.

According to reports, police in Hamilton have charged 41-year-old Jonathan Lewis with second-degree murder arising from the rock star’s death. The Lewis family has allegedly confirmed Jonathan is the former lead guitarist’s son. His remains exhibited injuries that suggest foul play, and according to detective Sara Beck, who spoke about the incident at a news conference.

Tributes poured in for Lewis as news of his death broke. Fans stated he was among the best punk guitarists ever to come out of Canada, and also noted his generous character. SiriusXM host Eric Alper was among those to mark Lewis’ passing with a Twitter post.

Lewis’s bandmates also took to Instagram to pay their respects. They said they were “heartbroken,” and extended their sympathies to his family and all those who loved him.

The Hamilton Police Department investigation into the passing of Gord Lewis is still ongoing. May he rest in peace.

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