Republicans Ask Senate to Oppose Biden Nomination

Republicans Ask Senate to Oppose Biden Nomination

( – While the Second Amendment is a Constitutional provision that would, practically speaking, be almost impossible for Democrats to do away with, many are worried about President Joe Biden’s preference for strict gun controls. Last month, the president introduced a spate of executive actions to limit firearms access.

Biden’s anti-gun orientation has also made itself obvious in some of his picks for administration positions. David Chipman, who Biden selected to head up the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) used to be involved with Giffords, a gun control outfit. However, GOP representatives aren’t happy about the nomination.

On Monday, May 3, 69 Republican members of the House of Representatives sent letters to both party leaders in the Senate asking them not to confirm Chipman to the position. The group, led by House Republican Study Committee Chair Jim Banks (R-IN), claims Chipman would “threaten the landscape of firearm ownership” for present and future Americans.

Chipman would not be the first Biden nominee not to pass the Senate; Neera Tanden’s nomination as White House budget director failed earlier this year due to a lack of support in the chamber.

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