Reporter Grills Jen Psaki On Vaccine Distribution

Reporter Grills Jen Psaki On Vaccine Distribution

( – The authorization of a new COVID-19 vaccine last week marked another step toward the end of movement restrictions and business closures in the United States. Johnson & Johnson, along with help from Merck, plans to have 20 million doses of the new vaccine available within the next few weeks.

On Tuesday, March 2, Joe Biden sought to credit his administration with getting the deal over the line. As seen in the tweet below, the president admonished Donald Trump for failing to contract for enough vaccines. He claimed his team was responsible for the new, shorter timeframe in which we can expect everyone to have access to a shot, partly because of its role in brokering a deal between Johnson & Johnson and Merck.

This claim may have been misleading, however. Later that day, a New York Times reporter pointed out to Press Secretary Jen Psaki that his paper had reported on talks of such a deal in January. According to him, discussions between the two involved parties had even been taking place before this.

Psaki’s lackluster response did little to obscure the fact that Joe Biden’s attempt to claim credit for the new vaccine deal was entirely disingenuous.

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