Remembering the Bushfires of 2020

Remembering the Bushfires of 2020

( – COVID-19 was by far the biggest news story of the year, and the protests about racial inequality were a strong second. Unfortunately, this means many people have forgotten about another huge issue we had to deal with this year: bushfires.

Experts believe this year was the worst on record for bushfires in western America. Around 9 million acres of land were burned in the western states. California accounted for 4.1 million of these acres, recording 5 of the 6 largest fires in state history.

This problem was not just an American one. There were 17 million acres of land burnt in Australia this year too, with 3,000 homes destroyed and at least 28 lives lost.

Many wildfires originate from careless human behavior rather than unavoidable natural factors. Therefore, we all have a role to play in ensuring this doesn’t happen again next wildfire season. You should always extinguish outdoor fires after you’re finished with them, report unattended fires, and be careful when using fireworks or throwing away cigarette butts.

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