Red States Fight Back Against Woke Agenda Nationwide

Red States Fight Back Against Woke Agenda Nationwide

( – Climate activists have been sounding the alarm for years that the Earth is getting too warm and people must change their habits to keep it from worsening. While many so-called green initiatives have kept enormous amounts of waste out of landfills and reduced emissions, many people don’t like when such carbon-neutralizing measures are mandated rather than suggested. Even President Joe Biden is trying to limit fossil fuel usage through his Inflation Reduction Act. Now, some conservative states are ensuring cities within their borders cannot legally pass mandates about these topics.

Many local legislatures are trying to stop new construction, such as apartment buildings or new commercial structures, from having natural gas hookups. Climate activists believe they produce more pollution than other energy and cooking alternatives and should therefore be banned. However, legislatures in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Idaho passed laws this year restricting localities within their state from enacting laws that would ban such hookups. In total, 24 states now have laws prohibiting such bans. Texas is included in this number, although its rule is slightly different and does not allow cities to add climate policies to their local charters.

These laws, pushed mainly by Republicans, are a clear pivot from the traditionally conservative point of view that prefers a strong local government over a large federal government. However, the GOP members supporting these rules believe they are preserving Americans’ freedom to choose their energy supply and protecting future businesses and consumers.

While many states are pushing to allow residents to use natural gas for decades to come, New York made history as the first state to ban gas in the majority of new construction. Other liberal states may follow suit. There is clearly an intense battle happening over natural gas and its use these days. Will there ever be a compromise on fossil fuels between American political parties?

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