Ready for Ron – This PAC Is Putting Millions Behind a DeSantis Run for 2024

Ready for Ron - This PAC Is Putting Millions Behind a DeSantis Run for 2024

( – It’s no secret that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) is a frontrunner in the race for the Republican presidential nomination of 2024. A sticking point here, however, is the fact that DeSantis hasn’t yet announced his intention to run, though many commentators believe that is undoubtedly his goal. Despite this lack of clarity, one political action committee (PAC) has already earmarked millions of dollars for spending on DeSantis’ national profile over the coming months.

Ready for Ron

Despite having no official connection with the Florida governor, the Ready for Ron PAC is reportedly ready to spend $3.3 million trying to get him into the White House over the next six months. According to a Financial Times report on the story, this spending will fund $100,000 worth of weekly television ads that will air between now and June, as well as $1 million on digital, mail, and phone marketing efforts.

Dan Backer, a senior operative with the Ready for Ron PAC, told the Financial Times that the aim of the campaign is to persuade the Florida governor that he has the tools he needs to triumph in a presidential election in 2024. He also said the group was aiming to broaden DeSantis’ support base.

Polls have thrown up mixed results when it comes to a hypothetical face-off between DeSantis and Trump in the GOP primaries in 2024. Some studies show Trump with a commanding lead, while others have found that DeSantis has closed the gap to a significant extent.

The Broader Context

This revelation comes as the conversation over the likely outcome of the 2024 Republican primary race continues to simmer. Former President Donald Trump is, at this point, the only candidate who’s officially in the race, and many believe DeSantis is the only GOP figure with a realistic chance of beating him.

Also in the mix is former Vice President Mike Pence. Though, like DeSantis, Pence has not indicated he will take on the nomination battle, many analysts believe that is his intention. He has made official appearances in early voting states like Iowa and New Hampshire and has strongly hinted he’s considering launching a campaign.

Other Republicans who may yet decide to oppose Trump include Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin, Senator Tim Scott (SC), and Senator Ted Cruz (TX).

With just under two years to go until voters pick the next president of the United States, it looks like it’s all in play for 2024.

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