Rand Paul Says Voter Fraud Can Be Tested – He Has a Plan

Rand Paul Says Voter Fraud Can Be Tested - He Has a Plan

(RepublicanReport.com) – The debate around the integrity of this year’s election has been raging since the vote took place. On Tuesday, November 10, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) had

his say on the matter.

Paul suggested a method of verifying whether the stated results of the vote are, in fact, accurate. Via Twitter, he proposed a system whereby a sample of a few thousand postal ballots would be assessed for evidence of fraud. If a significant percentage of those few thousand had been tampered with, every mail-in ballot should then undergo examination.

When asked about his position on the issue of election fraud during an interview this week, Paul maintained he did not know whether it had occurred. He further stated, however, that an investigation into the matter was necessary.

Rand Paul is the latest in a growing number of politicians and media figures to call for an objective investigation into this year’s election. It should be clear to Democrats at this point that this issue is not going away.

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