Putin Regime Claims It Thwarted a Missile Attack

Putin Regime Claims It Thwarted a Missile Attack

(RepublicanReport.org) – For weeks, people around the world have been speculating about when the Ukrainian army will launch its much-anticipated counterattack to win back lands stolen by Russia recently, along with those taken over nine years ago. While the Ukrainian government has asked citizens and those knowledgeable about the plans to remain silent about the potential start date, Russia claims the attacks have already begun and were successfully thwarted.

On Monday, June 5, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that Ukrainian forces had “no success” breaking through Russian defenses in southern Donetsk, according to a translation provided by The Associated Press. According to Russia, Ukraine’s attack allegedly began Sunday morning, although the country has not confirmed or denied such movement. Russia’s Ministry of Defence spokesman Igor Konashenkov told listeners that the Russian military killed 250 Ukrainian soldiers and decimated 16 tanks and 24 other military vehicles.

The ministry shared footage allegedly showing a strong Russian defense against the supposed attacks. The validity of the video has yet to be verified. However, the aggressive nation seems to be trying to drive the war narrative.

According to the BBC, these statements come as Oleksandr Syrskyi, the commander of Ukrainian ground forces, announced his soldiers were “moving toward” Bakhmut. He said his troops successfully took out at least one Russian vehicle on their travels. On Tuesday, the destruction of the Kakhovka dam also created a disaster zone in southern Ukraine, pushing tens of thousands of Ukrainian and Russians out of the region due to flooding. It’s not immediately clear what caused the dam to collapse.

While tensions have been high between these two nations for over a year, a new counteroffensive will likely escalate the tension. However, if major fighting breaks out again between these countries again, it could put the world economy on edge yet again.

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