Putin Planning to Arm Navy With Hypersonic Weapons

Putin Planning to Arm Navy With Hypersonic Weapons

Putin Reveals His Next Move With BOMBSHELL Announcement

(RepublicanReport.org) – In the last few months, as Russia has pursued its military campaign against Ukraine in the face of global opposition, it has increasingly fallen out of favor with the nations of the world. However, Russian President Vladimir Putin doesn’t seem interested in winning any popularity contests. On Sunday, July 31, he made a public statement that’s been making headlines.

On his country’s Navy Day, Putin made a speech praising the military greatness of his country, touting its many past successes. He also promised the Kremlin intended to equip naval vessels with Zircon hypersonic cruise missiles within the next few months. Russia has reportedly employed testing of these weapons, which can reach speeds of Mach 9 and travel distances over 620 miles.

Not long before the Russian leader made his speech, he published a new naval doctrine for his military sailors. The document identified the United States and NATO as Moscow’s chief global rivals. It detailed how the nation intends to develop stronger alliances with some other countries, notably Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Iraq. NATO’s presence in Eastern Europe has long been a bone of contention for Putin, and Russia has been heavily opposed to Ukraine and other nations near it joining the organization.

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