Poll: Black Americans Believe Abortion Is Meant to Keep Minority Population Small

(RepublicanReport.org) – Racial inequality in the United States is an issue addressed many times in the legislature and around the country. From the effects of slavery to segregation to Jim Crow laws, America has had to do a lot of work to progress from the beginnings of the US and thereafter. Recently, Pew Research asked the Black community their thoughts about American institutions.

The source conducted a survey of Black adults in September 2023 regarding some specific racial conspiracy theories and US institutions. A majority (51%) of those surveyed believe the conspiracy theory that the government promotes abortion and birth control to keep the Black population in check. A whopping 76% of pollsters believe Black public officials are scrutinized and discredited, and their white counterparts are not. Further, 55% of the Black adults surveyed believe Black people in America are subject to secret and nonconsensual medical experiments.

Regarding reproductive health, 58% of those surveyed heard about the alleged government plan to keep the Black population small through abortion and birth control, while 39% never heard that theory at all. By party, 71% of Black Republicans were more likely to hear that conspiracy, as opposed to 56% of Black Democrats. About 21% believe the government used to control the minority population in this way but didn’t anymore. The idea reportedly originated from Black political figures connecting Planned Parenthood to the idea of eliminating the Black population through abortion and birth control. The theory of suppression and elimination evidently permeated and stuck among many.

Still, the largest conspiracy theory believed by pollsters in the Pew Research study was about the US prison system. A stunning 74% of Black adults in the survey said Black people are more likely than white people to be imprisoned because those same prisons want to make money from the incarcerated Black population.

Abortion is a hot topic heading into the November presidential election and will likely play a large role in races across the country.

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