Pentagon Rattled After Chinese Developments, Report Finds

Pentagon Rattled After Chinese Developments, Report Finds

( – China’s developments on many fronts have long been a source of concern for US leaders. The communist giant’s military growth is the latest factor to cause tension. Its space, cyber, and missile technology capabilities are rapidly increasing, and China’s rhetoric and behavior concerning Taiwan are becoming more and more aggressive. Now, the Pentagon is starting to express concerns.

According to Gen. John Hyten, the second highest-ranked officer in the US military, China’s rate of military development at the moment is exceptionally rapid. One significant recent event was the country’s reported successful hypersonic missile test; the projectile traveled out of the earth’s atmosphere before returning to strike near its intended target. Though the Chinese insist the test was not a weapon, defense leaders here are concerned by what took place.

General Mark Milley, Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, compared the test to a Sputnik moment. Milley was alluding to when the Soviet Union managed to launch the first space satellite in history, beating the US in the race to that distinction.

The Pentagon is reportedly currently working on a new strategy about dealing with China’s military threat and may reveal details of this over the coming weeks.

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