Pelosi Warns Stimulus Disputes Could Last Past Christmas

Pelosi Warns Stimulus Disputes Could Last Past Christmas

( – Since the election, one of the dominant topics of political discussion has been the possibility of a second stimulus package. The CARES Act provided financial boosts of various types after the onset of the pandemic. However, due to the unproductive, adversarial atmosphere in Congress, our leaders have been unable to agree on a second package.

Pelosi’s View

Considering the economic toll COVID-19 has taken on both businesses and individuals, this is highly concerning. However, it looks like the talks currently underway might bear fruit over the next couple of weeks. A bipartisan group of representatives has come up with a $908-billion plan that would offer unemployment benefits and further student loan forbearance — though a general stimulus check for families appears unlikely.

While there appears to be strong support for this proposal, we should be careful not to get too optimistic. On Thursday, December 10, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) stated that those involved in negotiations mightn’t be finished until after the scheduled start of Christmas break on December 18. She said while she hoped a bill would be finalized before the deadline, policymakers have had to work over the Christmas break in the past and would do so again if necessary.

While this commitment is commendable, Pelosi’s statement will not be welcomed by the millions of Americans counting on this package for their Christmas expenditure.

The Story So Far

Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) have been the two main parties involved in the stimulus package negotiations thus far. Many political commentators have laid the blame for the delay in coming forward with a package squarely at their feet. Pelosi has repeatedly insisted on a much more extensive deal than McConnell thinks appropriate.

Generally, opposing parties in such situations would be able to negotiate their way to a deal. However, McConnell and Pelosi have thus far been unable (or perhaps unwilling) to reach a mutually acceptable compromise.

While the $908-billion deal currently under consideration isn’t perfect, it could provide a lot of benefits for Americans in their hour of greatest need. The time for partisan bickering has passed. It’s time for our policymakers to put aside their political differences and confirm a stimulus package that is already long overdue.

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