Parler CEO Files Lawsuit Against Amazon

Parler CEO Files Lawsuit Against Amazon

( – Big Tech has launched a huge initiative to censor Conservative voices and media over the last number of days. After Facebook and Twitter decided to ban President Trump from their sites indefinitely, they started de-platforming other Conservatives too, and other tech companies quickly joined.

One of the targets of this conservative purge was Parler, the Twitter alternative which aimed to promote free expression and uncensored discourse. Amazon prohibited Parler from accessing its servers, thereby shutting down its operation. Google and Apple have also removed the Parler app from their stores.

The company isn’t taking this lying down. On Monday, January 11, Parler filed a lawsuit against Amazon, alleging a breach of contract.

According to the complaint, Amazon’s contract with Parler stipulated the company would get 30 days notice if their app was to be removed; they actually only received around 30 hours notice. Additionally, Amazon’s removal of Parler may have violated antitrust laws by reducing the level of competition in the social media marketplace, according to the lawsuit.

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