Parents Told Not To Buy Certain Bathing Suit Color for Children

Parents Told Not To Buy Certain Bathing Suit Color for Children

( – Summer is just around the corner, and that means families will be enjoying a list of warm-weather activities in the sun. At the top of many people’s lists is swimming, a great way to cool off and exercise. However, the activity can be hazardous regardless of whether it’s a pool, beach, or pond. That’s why one woman felt the need to spread an important message on social media.

Nikki Scarnati, a 32-year-old swim instructor, recently went viral when 6.2 million people watched her video on TikTok warning parents not to buy blue swimsuits for their children. The Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) instructor mentioned that doing so could prove to be a fatal mistake.

In her video, Scarnati explains that having a blue bathing suit on can make it harder for adults to see children in the water, and even more difficult if they’re under the water. The swim instructor noted the blue essentially blends in with the surrounding water.

Baylor University’s senior coordinator for aquatics and safety education, Ben Robert, explained to Fox News Digital that Scarnati’s advice is great if people are swimming in pools, but if they’re in a lake or river, the circumstances change. Robert mentioned the color green is especially troublesome for swimming in lakes, ponds, or rivers as the landscape is different.

Both Robert and Scarnati agree the best choice when it comes to picking out a swimsuit is to buy ones that are bright or neon-colored, noting the child will stick out more in the water and in a crowd. Of course, simply choosing the right color of bathing suit doesn’t guarantee a child’s safety, there are further measures to prevent accidental drowning.

Scarnati mentioned having a layered system when it comes to her 2-year-old daughter. She explained her daughter first needs to ask to put her swimsuit on, then needs to ask if she can go to the pool area, which she can’t get to without an adult’s help, before finally needing permission to enter the water.

In addition to these tips, people need to ensure their pool, or body of water, isn’t easy for children to access. Many suggest putting up a fence or gate to ensure a child must first consult an adult before getting near any water. It’s also important for parents and guardians to realize that pool time doesn’t mean they get to take some time off, it’s quite the opposite actually, as they need to closely watch their children when they’re swimming as anything can happen, and it only takes moments for children, or even adults, to drown.

See the National Drowning Prevention Alliance for its five layers of protection to keep your kids safe this summer.

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