Officials Concerned About North Korea Missile Testing Plans

Officials Concerned About North Korea Missile Testing Plans

( – With debate raging about Iran’s nuclear threat and the situation on our southern border getting worse by the day, there are currently plenty of foreign policy challenges facing our leaders. Now, it appears North Korea might be set to add another headache for President Biden’s administration.

Reports indicate the Asian nation could be planning to conduct an intercontinental ballistic missile test. This will be the first test of its kind since Joe Biden’s inauguration. North Korea tends to stage military displays like this soon after new presidents take office as apparent shows of force.

On Wednesday, March 17, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin arrived in South Korea. They’ve been discussing the new Biden administration’s security strategies in the area.

During the Trump administration, relations between the US and North Korea were friendly, if not entirely stable. Under Joe Biden, it looks like we may be set for a return to a frostier relationship with the Hermit Kingdom.

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