NRA Slams Biden for Pushing Gun Control

NRA Slams Biden for Pushing Gun Control

( – Joe Biden has spent the last few weeks since his inauguration creating a wide range of sweeping changes. Plans to relax rules on undocumented immigration have already caused controversy, as have environmental initiatives passed without regard for their economic impact.

Now, it looks like gun control could be the subject of the next debate. On Sunday, February 14, Joe Biden released a statement discussing the Parkland shooting and calling for “common-sense gun law reforms.” Specifically, he wants lawmakers to introduce measures around background checks, assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, and the criminal liability of gun manufacturers.

The National Rifle Association was quick to condemn Biden’s statement, saying that they will “NEVER stop fighting for the 2nd amendment!”

Sunday’s statement calls on Congress to enact legislation without specifying details about how the president plans to approach the issue. In the latest press briefing, Jen Psaki called gun control a “priority” for Biden, but also noted that she didn’t have a timeline or an idea of what the proposal would look like yet.

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