North Korea Resumes Missile Testing

North Korea Resumes Missile Testing

( – While tensions with North Korea eased during Donald Trump’s presidency, it seems they’ve ramped up once again since Joe Biden entered the White House. Officials from the US and South Korea have been liaising in recent weeks to devise a joint strategy for dealing with the Communist nation’s military development program.

On Thursday, March 25, it was confirmed that two suspected short-range ballistic missiles were launched from North Korea into Japanese waters. This confirmation came from American, Japanese and South Korean officials.

Washington has attempted to downplay the significance of this event; a spokesperson stated it was “normal” testing. President Biden himself also remarked that “nothing much has changed.” The Pentagon declined to comment on the issue when contacted.

This is the first launch of its kind since Joe Biden took office. While his administration has attempted to present it as a minor concern, it’s likely officials will be keeping a close eye on North Korea in the coming weeks and months.

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