No Republican Votes to Advance Democrat Spending Bill

No Republican Votes to Advance Democrat Spending Bill

( – The third COVID-19 stimulus package has been the subject of much debate. As was the case with the second bill, Democrats and Republicans are at loggerheads over the cost of the deal for taxpayers.

On Tuesday, February 2, a $1.9-trillion proposal was put to the Senate for a vote. The bill was introduced by the Democrats and contained very generous provisions, including a $1,400 direct payment for most Americans. All 50 Senate Democrats voted in favor of the bill, but 49 Republicans rejected it. The remaining Republican, Pat Toomey (PA), was absent.

This deeply unproductive outcome comes directly after the Democrats’ unwillingness to negotiate the terms of the bill. Republicans had suggested certain amendments, but these were ignored by the Democratic majority.

With the help of Vice President Kamala Harris’ tie-breaking vote, Democrats could push this deal through without Republican support. However, if Republicans choose to exercise the legislative filibuster, the bill could be stopped. The Democrats could potentially use the budget reconciliation process to fast-track the package; whether this will come to pass remains to be seen.

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