Newsom Uses ‘State of the State’ to Attack Republicans

( – On June 25, California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) delivered his State of the State speech, pre-recorded and shared on YouTube. It seemed that the timing of the governor’s words was purposely timed to air just before the first presidential debate in Atlanta, as he referenced the event. He covered several issues, including Republicans and conservative media, about which he wasn’t too kind.

Newsom began his speech by talking about 1939 and the spread of fascism throughout Europe, as the Nazi Party under Adolf Hitler attempted to kill democracy and take over the world. He tied that to California’s leadership at the time and preserving democracy, stating that the Golden State, as well as America and the world, is facing a similar threat today.

Without delving into any shortcomings of his state, the governor talked about the California Dream, stating it was under attack by “conservatives and delusional California bashers.” He left out the state’s budget deficit, which was predicted to hit $68 billion over the next year.

Instead, the Democratic governor addressed social issues, stating that CA leads the way for rights and freedoms while saying other states are actively taking away rights from women and others. He vowed that his state would never turn its back on women and blasted the GOP for failing to pass helpful legislation because of “partisan politics,” specifically mentioning the bipartisan border bill rejected by Republican members of the Senate.

He touted California’s success at the border and with the seizure of fentanyl to keep America safer, in addition to his strides regarding homelessness and mental health in the Golden State. Newsom then went on the attack, accusing Red states of addressing crime by “diversion and distraction” rather than coming up with real solutions.

The governor said that right-wing media points to Blue states, stating they are “lawless,” but Newsom said most of the highest crime cities and states are actually Red.

The state leader continued to bash conservatives and the media throughout while listing his state’s accomplishments.

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