New Poll Suggests Trump Still Leading Figure With GOP

New Poll Suggests Trump Still Leading Figure With GOP

( – Former President Donald Trump has had a rocky few weeks. The Republican candidates he endorsed in the midterm elections did not perform well, and he has been unusually quiet since officially announcing his 2024 presidential campaign last month. However, a recent poll indicates he’s still the top dog when it comes to potential Republican nominees in the upcoming election.

The Harvard CAPS/Harris poll puts Trump well ahead of his current likely rivals in the race, although the 45th president remains the only candidate to have officially announced a run. When asked whom they would vote for if the Republican primary election were tomorrow, 48% of likely GOP voters selected Trump. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) was next best, but he was well behind Trump with just 25%. Former Vice President Mike Pence, who came in third, secured just 6% of the vote.

There was more good news for Trump in terms of head-to-head races; when asked whom they would select in a hypothetical Trump v. DeSantis match-up, 55% of GOP voters selected Trump, with the remaining 45% going for DeSantis. However, when independent voters were added to Republicans for this question, DeSantis had 52% of the overall vote compared to Trump’s 48%.

What do you think of Donald Trump’s position ahead of the 2024 election? Are his chances as good as this poll suggests?

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