New Poll Shows Americans Lack Confidence in Biden

New Poll Shows Americans Lack Confidence in Biden

( – A full-blown border crisis is underway and showing no sign of abating. International relations challenges are popping up left and right. As a result, the American people have plenty of reasons to be dissatisfied with the Biden administration’s foreign policy approach. Now, we have a new reflection on the extent of this dissatisfaction.

On Monday, May 3, Rasmussen published the results of a poll detailing voter sentiment about President Joe Biden’s ability to handle domestic terror threats. Just 30% of likely voters say they’re “very confident” in Biden’s ability to handle such threats, with a further 16% describing themselves as “somewhat confident.”

A combined total of 52% of respondents were either “not very confident” or “not at all confident” about how the president is positioned to handle terrorism.

Considering Joe Biden’s inability to deal with complex foreign or domestic issues, these results are hardly surprising. However, they do seem to show a troubling lack of faith Americans currently have in their leader.

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