New Poll Results Could Be Bad News for Biden and Democrats

New Poll Results Could Be Bad News for Biden and Democrats

( – Democrats were riding high following the general election in November 2020. They took control of both chambers of Congress as well as the White House. Now, with midterm elections just a few short months away, things are looking very different. A recent poll illustrates just how bad things have gotten for the Left.

This week, CBS News released the results of a poll it conducted in conjunction with YouGov. The survey asked Americans about the most pressing economic issues of the day, as they perceive them, as well as the performance of President Joe Biden and Congressional lawmakers in addressing them.

A whopping 63% of respondents said they thought the national economy was in a bad state. Many people were focused on inflation specifically, with 66% saying the higher prices in the economy of late have been “difficult or a hardship” and another 26% calling them “inconvenient.”

When it comes to our leaders, 65% think Joe Biden “could do more” to lower gas prices, including 39% of Democratic voters. The president also scores poorly in terms of approval of his performance on the economy in general, crime, and immigration. The poll puts his overall approval rating at 42%.

What do you think the breakdown in Congress will look like after this year’s midterms?

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