New Game-Changing Blood Test Can Detect Over 50 Kinds of Cancer

New Game Changing Blood Test Can Detect Over 50 Kinds of Cancer

( – Early detection is one of the most crucial factors for cancer treatment. If doctors can diagnose the condition and start addressing it before it has a chance to grow and spread, they stand a much better chance of leaving patients with a favorable outcome. A unique innovation has hit the market promising to drastically improve the testing process for more than 50 cancers.

Galleri is a blood test that can screen for dozens of cancers, 45 of which don’t currently have another recommended screening mechanism. Experts are optimistic about its potential, claiming it could be a groundbreaking diagnostic tool.

Developers came up with the idea for Galleri following a discovery at a San Diego sequencing company called Illumina in 2014. Researchers looking for chromosomal abnormalities in expectant mothers discovered there were irregularities in the DNA of some of their subjects, and these irregularities corresponded to cancer diagnoses. The company’s leaders set up another venture called GRAIL, using machine learning to leverage this discovery for use in clinical cancer diagnosis.

Full FDA approval for Galleri is still pending, but patients in Mayo Clinic outlets across the country will reportedly be able to request it before the end of the year.

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