Nearly Half of Americans Support Vaccine Passports

Nearly Half of Americans Support Vaccine Passports

( – Vaccinations appear to have reasonably broad support among American leaders. Both former President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden have encouraged Americans to get inoculated, a rare source of agreement between the two men. However, many are still unsure about vaccination, giving rise to a debate about whether measures to encourage vaccine uptake (such as vaccine passports) should be introduced.

On Thursday, April 1, Rasmussen released a new poll detailing the general sentiment around vaccine passports. They found that 44% of “Likely US Voters” favor a system whereby people would have to provide “proof of COVID-19 vaccination to return to pre-pandemic activities.” Almost as many (41%) view this as a “bad idea,” while 15% are “not sure.”

Reaction to these statistics has been mixed. Some commentators have expressed reluctance about a system with the potential to limit travel and social opportunities for so many Americans.

With the Biden administration confirmed to be working on a vaccine passport system, we can expect to see much more coverage of this debate in the coming weeks.

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