Nancy Pelosi Now in Charge of Infrastructure Bill

Nancy Pelosi Now in Charge of Infrastructure Bill

( – The Democrats’ ambitions concerning infrastructure legislation have been causing consternation in Washington, DC for months. However, it appears there’s finally been a significant bipartisan breakthrough. Defying criticism from some conservative voices (including former President Donald Trump), 19 Republicans in the Senate supported a $1-trillion bill and budget resolution related to infrastructure spending this week. However, the proposal has a major hurdle left to jump in the House of Representatives.

On Tuesday, August 10, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) released a statement referencing the “final infrastructure and reconciliation packages.” This could signal that Pelosi will sit on the $1-trillion bill until a $3.5-trillion reconciliation bill accompanies it.

This is a potentially fraught scenario for Pelosi, as her party is divided on the issue. Some moderate Democrats would like to prioritize pushing through the $1-trillion bill. At the same time, those on the far left of the party feel the trillion-dollar bill doesn’t do enough by itself and want the larger reconciliation package.

There are also procedural considerations to take into account. Congressional committees will need to pen a bill based on the Senate’s resolution, a process that could take weeks.

So, while the infrastructure saga continues, Americans could still be a long way away from the day when President Joe Biden puts pen to paper on a piece of legislation as big as the Left wants, if he ever does.

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