Multiple Bodies Found Might Link to a Serial Killer

Multiple Bodies Found Might Link to a Serial Killer

( – Authorities have recovered 10 bodies from waterways in Chicago. The city is riddled with crime, but there’s something different about these incidents. All of the bodies share similarities in age, gender, and where they were found. Many believe that there may be a serial killer lurking among them in the Windy City.

So far, the bodies police have recovered, which were discovered in the Chicago River or on the shores of Lake Michigan, have been men either in their 20s or early 30s. The most recent one didn’t have any identification and like the others, the cause of death is currently unknown.

Tracy Walder, a former agent of both the CIA and FBI, recently spoke with News Nation about the disturbing trend. Walder mentioned that all evidence points to the possibility of a serial killer roaming the streets. The former federal agent noted the number of men in their 20s that have gone missing in the past year is crazy.

Trending Work reported that many of the potential victims were last seen in Chicago’s River North sector, an area full of bars and known for its nightlife. Walder pointed out this fact, too, and believes this could possibly be the killer’s hunting grounds, that they follow the victims home. She also noted that the location is making it harder on authorities. The water washes away biological evidence and DNA, which hinders investigations because law enforcement can’t pinpoint a concrete link between the deaths.

A Twitter user agreed with Walder and urged everyone to stay safe in a Twitter post.

Could there be a serial killer on the loose in the Windy City, targeting men in their 20s and 30s? Or is it possible all of these disappearances and similarities are simply nothing more than a string of coincidences?

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