MSNBC Columnist Says Trump Must Die In Prison

( – Dean Obeidallah, SiriusXM radio host and writer for MSNBC, The Daily Beast, and CNN, stated during a recent show that former President Donald Trump “must die in prison.” The host said he meant to express that the former commander-in-chief should serve a life sentence, which would likely mean the 77-year-old would spend the rest of his days behind bars. Republicans have expressed outrage over implications that Trump should be murdered during his incarceration.

Fox News initially reported on the statement the host made during the September 8 airing of “The Dean Obeidallah Show.” He and his guest, Tommy Christopher, who reports for Mediaite, were discussing concerns over both Trump and President Joe Biden’s ages. Christopher noted GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley’s comments on the current commander-in-chief not likely surviving long enough to finish another term in office, questioning why the media hadn’t been more vocal about the Left’s “outrage.” He added that any assertions to the Right that Trump might “die in prison” would have Conservatives fuming.

Obeidallah made the fateful comment at that point, adding that the former president’s age wasn’t even a factor because an attempted coup should get any person life in prison with no possibility of parole. He said the punishment would serve as a message to others who might try to undermine the electoral process.

Christopher published an article on the interview the following day on Mediaite. He quoted an excerpt, during which he asked Obeidallah if he thought Trump might be killed behind bars. The host replied that the former president would have plenty of protection while in prison because it’s important that a person serve their full sentence.

Obeidallah distributed his own post on the matter on The Dean’s Report, defending his position and insisting that he would be singing the same tune even if the individual in Trump’s position had been a Democrat. He said his stance wasn’t partisan, insisting true patriotism was about defending the Republic against all threats regardless of affiliation.

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